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Introducing the Process Podcast. Why are we here?
Have you ever wondered if real estate is the right career path for you? Or are you considering making the leap into real estate but don’t know where to start? In this first episode of The Process podcast, Preston Guyton and Travis Mclure lay out exactly how they made the transition from corporate America to running a successful real estate brokerage firm. Learn how to tackle challenges head-on, overcome roadblocks that can hold you back, prevent burning out and make sure you have fun along the way! Are y
What's Happening in the Real Estate Market - Is the Ship Sinking?
Curious about what people think about the state of the real estate market? Are things getting better or worse? Do you think the ship is sinking? There's a lot of uncertainty in today's market but in this second episode of The Process, Preston Guyton and Travis McClure explain how being up-to-date with relevant data, insights, news and information can help you thrive in the industry. Hear from experts as they share the latest data and tips to stay informed, profitable and successful.
What's Happening in the Charlotte, NC Real Estate Market
Charlotte, NC is one of the fastest-growing cities in the state but what's happening in the Charlotte real estate market right now? Is it still as dynamic as before? How can buyers and sellers prepare for what's ahead? In this third episode of The Process, Preston Guyton and Travis McClure, together with their special guest, Joel Hargett, talk about the challenges in the Charlotte, NC market and how agents can overcome these hurdles. Get insider tips and strategies for new realtors who want to level up th
Taking the "CON" out of Contractor with Martin Pettigrew
Most contractors do the work that no one wants to do: the dangerous jobs, the risky jobs, the strenuous jobs and so on. But why are contractors still seen as untrustworthy? Why are there still negative connotations attached to being a contractor? In this fourth episode of The Process, special guest, Martin Pettigrew from Monarch Roofing, sheds some light on the misconceptions in that industry and shares how he positioned himself as a reliable and committed contractor. Discover new ways to navigate the bus
From MMA Fighter to Entrepreneur with Kurt Mapula
Have you ever thought of starting your own business but have been scared to take that first step? Starting a business is not an easy feat. Some people are terrified of the unknown, afraid of doing something different, but now you don't have to be one of them! In this fifth episode of The Process, special guest, Kurt Mapula from Project Uncharted Nutrition, speaks about getting comfortable with being uncomfortable and bravely taking a leap of faith to start a business. Learn how he jumped through a lot of
The Marketing is Shifting - How is Your Mindset?
The real estate market is shifting and will continue to change. But with the possible recession looming over us, how ready are you for this economic transformation? A commercial downturn is just around the corner and you need to learn how to navigate through it. In this sixth episode of The Process podcast, Preston Guyton and Travis McClure share their insights about the current situation of the real estate market, the impending recession, and several practical ways to move your business forward during thi
Need More Time? Start by Taking Control of your Morning.
Do you often feel like you don't have enough time to accomplish everything? As if your days are running together with nothing to look forward to? Have you ever wished that you could change how you spend them? 9 out of 10 agents feel like there aren't really enough hours for the day. Well, it's time to change that. In this seventh episode of The Process podcast, Preston Guyton and Travis McClure talk about how you can start taking control of your day by establishing a consistent morning routine and making i
Jon Cheplak Interviews Preston: Startup to $110 Million Closed in 8 Months
What does it take to go from being a startup real estate company to closing $110 million in eight months? Well, Preston Guyton has all the tips and tricks in his pocket and he’s ready to reveal them all in this eighth episode of The Process Podcast. In this eighth episode of The Process podcast, Jon Cheplak interviews Preston on how he was able to achieve every new business owner’s goal: to successfully scale up a startup in less than a year. Tune in to find out what it takes to retain agents, what to look
5 Must Have Real Estate Tech Tools
Are you a new agent wondering about which tech tools are needed for your real estate career? Have you ever asked a question like which CRM should I use? You've probably heard of all the different software types out there, collected a list and then found out that it's harder to choose from that laundry list than you first thought. In this ninth episode of The Process Podcast, Preston Guyton and Travis McClure share their top 5 must-have real estate tech tools that any agent should use in order to run an ef
Your First 100 Days as a Brand New Real Estate Agent
You've just taken the leap and decided to try your hand at real estate – but are you really ready? Did you know that 88% of new agents fail in their first two years? The odds are stacked against you but with the right planning and practice, you can be among the few new agents that actually make it! In this tenth episode of The Process Podcast, Preston Guyton and Travis McClure reveal their tried-and-true methods that will surely make your first 100 days a success. Hear their candid thoughts as they share t
How To Turn Your Idea Into a Business With Follow Up Boss CEO Dan Corkill
Have you ever had a big idea that you wanted to pursue but been kept up at night by doubt? When you have an idea for a business, it’s natural to be excited. After all, it is your idea! But these lingering questions remain: how can you turn your idea into a viable business? What steps should you take? How would you know if your idea has commercial potential? Who should be your target market? In this eleventh episode of The Process Podcast, Follow Up Boss CEO, Dan Corkill, shares his insights and strategies o
How Do You Stay Motivated?
Feeling stuck? Lacking motivation? Do you sometimes feel like you’re just running through the motions but getting nowhere? Frustrating, right? So, how do you get out of this grueling cycle? In this twelfth episode of The Process podcast, Preston Guyton and Travis McClure discuss how you can maximize your efforts so that life doesn't constantly seem like a never-ending struggle. Learn how to put that fire inside of you at the forefront of your every thought and stay motivated all the time! Find out their pr
Do I Need and LLC?
In business, it is not how much you make, it's what you keep. Is an LLC the right choice for me as an entrepreneur? How does an LLC help protect my assets and my business? Should I have an LLC now or wait? In this thirteenth episode of The Process podcast, Scott Royal Smith from Royal Legal Solutions talks about why having an LLC is important to protect you and your assets. He’ll walk you through the basics of what an LLC is, when and why you need one, and how it can shield you from losing all of your hard
What Made This Event So Impactful? Preston & Travis discuss Agent Academy's 3 Day Sales Mastery
The July Agent Academy Sales Mastery event with Bill Pipes was truly a remarkable and educational trip to Vegas. More than 500 agents came home with new ideas and knowledge; ready to better serve their clients, be successful, and help others achieve the same. In this fourteenth episode of The Process podcast, Preston Guyton shares his exceptional experience during the 3-day immersion, including his top takeaways and valuable insights that other agents can use to their own advantage. Tune in to find out w
We Are Officially In a Recession, Now What?
Are you starting to feel the recession effect? Have you noticed a dip in your clients? Scared? Don't be! Because despite the negative connotations of a recession, there is still a silver lining even in the darkest clouds. In this fifteenth episode of The Process Podcast, Preston Guyton and Travis McClure talk about what successful real estate agents are focusing on should do during this recession and how to use it as an opportunity to market themselves as the "go-to" agent in the area. Find out how to div
Stop Being a Victim - Take Control of Your Online Real Estate Lead Generation
As a real estate agent, you want to drive as much traffic as possible to your website and capture potential clients. But are you one of those agents who still get leads through third-party applications like Zillow or Is that really the best way to go? In this sixteenth episode of The Process Podcast, Preston Guyton and Travis McClure talk about the power of having your own lead generation process that is built perfectly for search engines, leads, and everything in between! It’s time to get ba
How To Cultivate 5 Star Reviews - An Interview With Adele Gutman
Have you ever wished you could create more favorable reviews for your business? Or thought that perhaps there was something you could do to harness your team’s energy and get them to focus on those all-important end-user experiences? In this seventeenth episode of The Process podcast, Adele Gutman, one of the Top 25 Most Extraordinary Minds in Sales & Marketing, shares her proven method for improving client experience and creating strategic relationships that can yield more revenue for you! Tune in to fin
Are You Taking Enough Action? An Interview with Ray Copeland
Are you a new real estate agent trying to get your career off the ground? Is your business running or is it running you? Do you feel like you’re stuck in neutral mode and just going by? In this eighteenth episode of The Process Podcast, Copeland from Palms Realty New Bern, North Carolina talks about how to get over the hump when you are struggling to get leads, how to figure out what actions to take that are dollar productive, and how to maintain consistent daily success to take your career to the next lev
4 Must Have Tools to Enhance Lead Generation
Lead generation is such an integral part of your business that it's vital you do everything in your power to improve it. That's where tools and strategies come into play. But how do you know which lead generation tool will work best for you? In this nineteenth episode of The Process podcast, Preston Guyton and Travis McClure reveal their 4 must-have tools that will help you optimize your sales method and leverage your lead generation process.
Life is Short, Make What you Want of it Today... - An Interview with WREN Founder Deborah Razon
In this twentieth episode of The Process Podcast, Deborah Razo, founder of the Women's Real Estate Network, shares how she went from being an employee, to business owner to investor. She'll tell you how she broke it down into steps and used her intuition for guidance on her journey to create a life that works for her and her family. Throw away the concept that you need an extreme amount of capital to start a business or live your dreams. Break out of your 9-to-5 to start living the life you've always wante
Master Your Public Speaking - An Interview with Brenden Kumarasamy
In this 21st podcast episode, Brenden Kumarasamy, a public speaking coach from Master Talk, shares the secrets of mastering the art of communication and why it is so essential. He also explains how public speaking can serve as an effective method of maintaining your presence in today's world that now demands from us more than ever. Are you ready to become a powerful communicator?
Monthly Real Estate Market Talk with Preston & Travis
What are agents focused on right now? In this 22nd episode of The Process podcast, Preston Guyton and Travis McClure discuss the highlights of the mastermind session and how it has helped agents get ahead in their businesses. They will also go over some changes and challenges that are occurring in the industry right now. Dive into the major trends in the real estate market and get ready to differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack!
We've All Done It, A Lesson on Leadership with Kimberly Benoit
In this 23rd episode of The Process Podcast, Kimberly Benoit, a leadership coach from Louisiana, offers a glimpse into her interesting journey as a leadership consultant and how she has helped individuals live an empowered and passion-filled life. Kimberly shares insights from her soon to be published book, "We've All Done It", and how to handle the common challenges that leaders often face.
Are you Being Rejected in Your Prospecting?
As a real estate agent, you've most likely already experienced being rejected by a client. It happens to all of us and it is part of the learning process. But what should be the best practices when dealing with clients who aren't ready to buy? What do you do? In this 24th episode of The Process podcast, Preston Guyton and Travis McClure talk about dealing with the four common outcomes of cold calling and confidently moving forward with the sales process. Find out how a rejection isn't necessarily a “No” a
Running and Real Estate
Real estate is like running. It's the ultimate you-versus-you business where you're not up against other realtors but yourself. In this 25th episode of The Process podcast, Preston Guyton and Travis McClure discuss the upcoming mastermind event in Tahoe, the launch of Cheplak Digital, and the parallels between real estate and running. Learn to get the most out of the real estate process and set yourself up for success!