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Privacy Policy

ez Home Search, Inc. places utmost importance on your privacy. We've crafted this policy at ez Home Search, Inc. to manifest our unyielding dedication to the safeguarding of your personal data. For guidance on secure web browsing, as suggested by the FTC, please visit

This policy is pertinent to the ez Home Search, Inc. website(s) and our engagement with ez Home Search, Inc. clients. It delineates how ez Home Search, Inc. gathers and manages information that can be directly linked to individuals, such as names, addresses, email addresses, or phone numbers. At its discretion, ez Home Search, Inc. may revise this privacy policy periodically. It is incumbent upon you to routinely inspect this Privacy Policy and stay abreast of any modifications. Your persistent utilization of the service post any modifications signifies your assent to those changes. The prevailing iteration of this Privacy Policy is accessible anytime at

GDPR and Restriction on Use by European Residents

ez Home Search, Inc. is headquartered in the United States and our services are tailored primarily for real estate dealings within the country. We neither deliberately nor inadvertently gather personal data from residents of the European Union, Switzerland, or any other individuals protected under the European General Data Protection Regulations (referred to as the “GDPR,” and such individuals, collectively termed as “European Residents”).

Notwithstanding other clauses in this Privacy Policy, considering that ez Home Search, Inc. may not adhere to the stipulations of the GDPR, European Residents are strictly barred from utilizing the ez Home Search, Inc. website(s) and its offerings to the extent the GDPR governs the acquisition of such European Residents' personal information by ez Home Search, Inc.. As a proactive measure, ez Home Search, Inc. might block IP addresses emanating from Europe and employ additional strategies to ensure the non-collection of data from European Residents. Should a European Resident contrive to bypass such preventive mechanisms (for instance, by leveraging a Virtual Private Network (VPN)) or otherwise infringes on the Privacy Policy or Terms of Use set by ez Home Search, Inc., said European Resident consents to indemnify ez Home Search, Inc. comprehensively for any consequential liability, including but not confined to, potential fines levied by European regulatory bodies pursuant to the GDPR against ez Home Search, Inc. or its associated entities.

If a European Resident suspects or wishes to ascertain if their personal data has inadvertently been transferred to ez Home Search, Inc., they are encouraged to reach out to us using the contact details provided in the concluding section of this Privacy Policy. Upon identification, any such personal data pertaining to European Residents will be expeditiously purged from our systems.

I. Collection of Personally Identifiable Information

At times, there might be instances where we necessitate information from you, such as when gathering property search criteria or during your account setup. We may further accrue additional information to personalize the site experience, liaise with you, conclude transactions, orchestrate surveys, gather feedback, augment or refine our service (including, but not restricted to, utilizing third-party tools, detailed further below), or proffer certain services (like linking you to real estate agents) via third-party associates (including lead referral partners). As expanded upon in Section II, we might amalgamate and assimilate personally identifiable information about you from third-party sources, including both public and private entities.

Information You Provide to Us

Upon registration, we acquire and store details you share. This encompasses your name, email address, zip code, professional background, industry specifics, and individual inclinations. Additionally, we collate and retain records of your housing search queries, including search criteria and preferences. Should you choose to submit feedback or partake in our surveys, we analyze and catalog the information you elect to share.

Automatically Collected Information

Certain information is automatically logged to understand site usage and to refine our offerings. This includes details like your IP address, browser specifications, operating system, and associated URLs. Our website deploys cookies to monitor this information while you engage with ez Home Search, Inc.. Cookies, minuscule files placed on your device, recognize you upon subsequent visits to our site, ensuring optimized functionality.

We enlist the expertise of marketing agencies to gauge the efficacy of our promotional strategies and to understand visitor interactions on our site. Through web beacons and cookies, this third-party marketing entity collects anonymous data—such as pages accessed, search queries, and duration of site engagement. Such insights help us discern which content resonates most with visitors and allows us to tailor our offers accordingly. Although this marketing entity processes the data from our site, we retain full authority over its potential applications.

Reports from third-party analytical providers enhance our understanding, which, combined with data collected directly from you, refines our service. Advanced analytical providers, analogous to Inspectlet, are employed to monitor user interactions. These tools may capture personally identifiable data you input. The data's governance is also subject to their privacy policies.

Google Display Advertising and DoubleClick Cookie

We utilize and endorse various Google tools, which include, but aren't limited to, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and Google Display Advertising. These tools offer features such as remarketing, impression reporting, and demographic analytics. Google, as a third-party vendor, places cookies to disseminate ads on our platform, tailoring these ads based on your previous interactions with our website and other online platforms.

To gain granular control over your preferences, especially in relation to Google Analytics for Display Advertising, you can modify settings on the Google Ads Settings page. Furthermore, to opt-out of specific tracking functionalities provided by Google Analytics, consult the segment below titled "Your ability to modify your privacy settings."

When harnessing Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting, we utilize interest-based data and third-party audience metrics for purposes such as understanding user demographics, refining site content, and targeting Google AdWords campaigns. For those seeking to exercise greater control over data collection practices, Google extends the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on. You can also opt out from third-party cookie usage via the Network Advertising Initiative opt-out page.

Other Third Party Partners with ez Home Search, Inc.

Notwithstanding any other provision contained herein, we may collaborate with select third parties ("Third Parties") to proffer supplementary products and services, inclusive of, but not restricted to, (i) online or offline surveys, (ii) real estate broker services, collectively termed as "Third Party Products", and (iii) promotional content. It is duly acknowledged and accepted by you that:

(i) The aforementioned Third Parties might promote such Third Party Products either through us or via the Channel Websites – a collective term for our primary website and any affiliated or partner websites,

(ii) We, in conjunction with Third Parties, may disseminate any information accumulated on Channel Websites linked to the marketing and sales of Third Party Products, and

(iii) ez Home Search, Inc. may be remunerated via commissions or other compensations from Third Parties, relative to your engagement, procurement, or participation in any Third Party Products.

Should you exhibit interest in acquiring specific real estate, we reserve the right to trade or license your data, which may encompass personally identifiable details, to our strategic partners. Such partners are engaged to furnish real estate, broker, and analogous services in alignment with properties or locales you've shown inclination towards. It is paramount to understand that any data you share with our partners, including but not limited to their agents, affiliates, or partners, is also regulated by their distinct privacy guidelines. Yet, it is categorically stated that ez Home Search, Inc. bears no responsibility or liability concerning your decision to engage with, acquire, or partake in any Third Party Products, irrespective of any compensation accrued from said Third Parties.

II. Utilization and Dissemination of Personally Identifiable Information

Whenever deemed appropriate, we might solicit data that distinctly identifies you or enables communication. This typically transpires when you create an ez Home Search, Inc. account, conduct property explorations, request ancillary data via our platform, or engage in feedback mechanisms. ez Home Search, Inc. primarily utilizes this data to cater to your requests, amplify our offerings, undertake research, affirm your adherence to our Terms of Use, and personalize your online experience.

Upon sharing your personal data with ez Home Search, Inc., you bestow us the authority to initiate contact. For instance, you might receive emails pertinent to real estate data or other related offerings. If such communications are unwarranted, you are encouraged to reach out to [email protected] or utilize the "opt-out" feature embedded within the emails. It's crucial to note that no personally identifiable data is relayed to Google.

We also amass user profile information to enrich your online experience, present tailored content, and conform to your inclinations. Occasionally, we might engage external entities for specific services, only sharing the requisite information for service delivery, with a stringent mandate against its use for extraneous purposes.

Furthermore, your personally identifiable information might be shared with Third Parties, which may amalgamate such data with pre-existing information in their possession.

Except where explicitly mentioned, ez Home Search, Inc. neither leases nor trades personal data with unrelated entities, unless it's to cater to your requisitions, upon your approval, or in collaboration with trusted associates. Additionally, we might disclose your details if legal mandates necessitate such actions.

III. Privacy Adjustments at Your Disposal

To cease email or phone communications, contact [email protected]. Your account can similarly be deactivated through this channel. Cookies can also be deactivated from your browser settings. For those desiring to terminate tracking via cookies, an opt-out from Google Analytics is accessible. Though this action terminates tracking via Google Analytics, other third-party platforms might still monitor your activities.

IV. Privacy Rights for California Residents

California residents might possess additional rights concerning personal data. Please review the "CCPA Privacy Notice for California Residents" for comprehensive insights.

In accordance with California's "Shine the Light" legislation, residents are permitted to request specifics on our data disclosure practices for direct marketing purposes. To place such a request, please email [email protected].

Do Not Sell My Personal Information

As expounded upon in the preceding sections, your data might be traded or licensed to our advertising and referral partners. Pertinent legislation, including California state law, might perceive this as a "sale" of information. If you desire to opt-out from this sale, kindly access the link below:

V. Security Protocols for the Safeguarding of Information

We restrict access to your personal data solely to those employees deemed essential for the provision of our services or products. Furthermore, such access is granted only when these employees necessitate interaction with the said information for the fulfillment of their professional obligations.

VI. ez Home Search, Inc.’s Do-Not-Call Policy and Procedures

ez Home Search, Inc. is committed to upholding the highest standards of regulatory compliance concerning telecommunication solicitations. Our adherence to a meticulous do-not-call policy stems from our unwavering respect for individual preferences and our intent to align with the provisions delineated in sections 64.1200 et seq. of Title 47 of the Code of Federal Regulations. These regulations pertain to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991.

We mandate our sales staff, associated real estate professionals, and other pertinent personnel to be conversant with and rigorously follow the subsequent guidelines:

1. Verification Against the Do-Not-Call List:

Prior to initiating any solicitation call, be it to a residential or cellular number, the caller must cross-reference the intended number with our internal do-not-call registry. This procedure remains imperative irrespective of any existing business relationships, written permissions, or personal affiliations.

2. Abiding by Do-Not-Call Directives:

Under circumstances where a number is listed on our internal do-not-call registry, personnel are strictly prohibited from reaching out to the respective individual for business solicitation. All such requests must be respected for a period of five years, unless explicitly revoked by the individual. This list must remain confined to our internal operations and not be disseminated externally.

3. Recording Do-Not-Call Appeals:

In the event of receiving a verbal or written appeal to abstain from future solicitations, it becomes imperative to promptly update our internal records. Details to be captured include the requester's name, the specific numbers associated with the request, the date and time of the appeal, and a clear demarcation indicating the do-not-call status. Given the importance of respecting user preferences, all such updates must be executed in a timely manner, with a maximum turnaround of 30 days from the receipt of the request.

4. Scope of Do-Not-Call:

A do-not-call request encapsulates both ez Home Search, Inc. and any affiliated agents concerning any business outreach initiated by ez Home Search, Inc..

5. Seeking Clarifications:

For any ambiguities or concerns related to the do-not-call policy, please direct your queries to the ez Home Search, Inc. Client Care team.

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