Your Florence, SC Real Estate Questions Answered

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Your Florence, SC Real Estate Questions Answered

Florence is a great place to live in South Carolina's Pee Dee region. The city is a hub of activity for the greater Florence County area. Town residents have access to big-city amenities without missing classic Southern small-town hospitality. People from surrounding areas travel to Florence for entertainment, recreation, retail, and dining. 

If you're considering moving to Florence, you probably have questions about the real estate market and what's in the area. See the answers to the most common questions about the Florence, South Carolina real estate market.

What is the average price of a home in Florence, SC?

Real estate market prices fluctuate month-to-month and year-to-year based on greater economic factors, supply, and demand. Based on October 2021, the Florence real estate market had 358 listed homes with a median list price of $257,759. The average price per square foot was $488.42. Historically, median prices have been trending upward for the last few years.

Looking across the whole area, the least expensive homes started at $89,000–primarily for investment and fixer-upper properties–and the most expensive listing was $3.8 million for a 7,000 sq ft home in Wachovia Hills.

EZ Home Search's real estate data updates every 15 minutes, so you can visit our Florence page to see the most recent real estate market information, including pricing data.

Are there any condos or townhomes available in Florence, SC? 

Yes, you can find condominiums or townhomes for living in Florence! In October 2021, condominium prices ranged from $69,000 for 1,125 sq ft with two bedrooms and two bathrooms to $132,900 for 1,680 sq ft with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Condominium complexes are found throughout the town, with clusters near Woodland Park and Forest Lake neighborhoods. The various complexes come with different amenities for residents.

What county is Florence, SC in?

The city of Florence is the county seat for Florence County and sits near the northern border geographically. The county is the hub of the "Pee Dee" region and is surrounded by other South Carolina counties like Marion, Darlington, and Williamsburg. Most of the other towns in Florence County are rural, but it includes population and manufacturing hubs like Timmonsville and Lake City. Approximately 138,293 people reside inside the county borders.

What areas are near Florence, SC?

The second largest town is Lake City, established over 150 years ago and known for its historic downtown. Today, the city embraces its identity as an agricultural hub, having the country's largest green bean market. Lake City also has a strong cultural heritage and a long-running music concert series. Timmonsville is another local small town and center of manufacturing for Honda Motor Company ATVs.

Beyond Florence awaits the greater Pee Dee Region and its agricultural wealth. Florence lies 1.5 hours' drive from Myrtle Beach. Recreation destination Lake Marion is around an hour's drive to the south-southwest and state capital Columbia is 1 hour, 20 minutes' drive. 

What is the property tax rate for Florence, SC?

South Carolina assesses a 4% property tax rate for primary residential properties. For the county, the average effective property tax rate is 0.42% of the assessed value. The City of Florence had a tax rate of $54.90 per $1000 of assessed value in 2021. The city sets its millage rate by June 30 of a given year.

Is Florence, SC Growing? 

According to the US Census data for 2020, the city of Florence had 39,899 residents. The population grew by 2,843, a 7% increase from the prior census, and it was one of the faster-growing areas in Florence County. The total population for the area was estimated to grow by 1% from 2010-2019. The majority of County residents choose to live in urban areas, like Florence, Timmonsville, and Lake City. The whole county ranked 12th for population density in South Carolina, meaning 11 counties were more densely populated. 

The Florence County Comprehensive Plan anticipates by 2025 that the county will have 149,940 residents, projecting a 3% growth rate. The median age is forecast to be 39.5 years old, with the 65 and older demographic having the most growth. 

Are there any waterfront properties found in Florence, SC? 

Florence is a landlocked county in the center of South Carolina's Pee Dee River region. You won't find beachfront or significant waterfront properties here.

Is there lakefront or riverfront property in Florence, SC? 

Florence isn't known as a waterfront community, but there are some smaller lakes and rivers in the area. The most prominent lakes in the city limits are Forest Lake and Oakdale Lake, located in the southwest off NC Highway 76. Some residential properties are available along the lakefront. Both lakes are fed by and connected through the Middle Swamp creek. Palmetto Shores Lake is on the city's northern border, fed by Star Fork Branch, which is another opportunity for waterfront real estate.

Otherwise, some waterfront residential real estate can be found against small ponds and retaining areas. Waterfront properties aren't common here and often aren't ideal for recreation.

How is golf in Florence, SC?

Four courses are found in Florence, and two more await in less than an hour's drive. The oldest course is the private Florence Country Club, designed by Donald J. Ross, ASGCA, and opened in 1924. Throughout the years, it has hosted Carolina PGAs and championship tournaments. Today it has a golf teaching center and on-site golf pro. 

The longest course is The Country Club of South Carolina, at 7,150 yards and designed by Ellis Maples. The Traces Golf Club is a public course with three courses of nine holes each, and it was voted the best Pee Dee region course in 2019 and 2020. Olde English Trail Golf Club is a public course of 18 holes. 

What are some golf course communities in Florence, SC? 

If you'd like to be part of a social community or have views of the back nine, you can find it in Florence. Four golf courses are available in the city: Florence Country Club, Traces Golf Club, Olde English Trail Golf Club, and the Country Club of South Carolina. 

To live with a view of Traces Golf Club and its course, look at the Westbrook community. An unincorporated community along Fairway Drive leads to Florence Country Club, and you can find homes around Wisteria Drive and Sherwood Drive backing up to the course. The Country Club of South Carolina has an ungated community developed around its course.

What do you want to know about Florence, SC?

Florence, South Carolina, is a great place to live, with a reasonable cost of living and the conveniences of a modern lifestyle. Residents enjoy a mix of southern hospitality and modern amenities. If there's anything else you want to know about living in Florence, please ask! We are here to be your Florence, SC, resource. 

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