What's Happening in the Charlotte, NC Real Estate Market

The Queen City - Charlotte, NC

The Queen City has all the ingredients to be a hotbed for a variety of real estate niches, yet it's not just houses that are making headlines. Condo and apartment communities also continue to flourish in Charlotte, catering to a diverse group of potential buyers and renters. 

Charlotte, NC may be the fastest-growing city in the state but that doesn't mean they’re completely out of the woods already. Many are still wondering about the situation of the Charlotte real estate market right now. Is it still as dynamic as before? How can buyers and sellers prepare for what's ahead?

In this third episode of The Process Podcast, Preston Guyton and Travis McClure, together with their special guest, Joel Hargett, talk about the challenges in the Charlotte, NC market and how agents can overcome these hurdles.

Get insider tips and strategies for new realtors who want to level up their game and be successful in their careers.

Get to know Joel Hargett

Joel Hargett is a licensed agent from eXp Realty who has taken his career to new heights by constantly pushing boundaries and learning new skills. He also collaborates with Preston Guyton as an EZ Home Search referral partner. He started his career at a sales organization, after which he worked as a fitness instructor, a CrossFit trainer, and a police officer before deciding to pursue a career in real estate. He has been married for 10 years and is blessed with 3 children.

One of the things that helped Joel succeed in the industry is being a keen observer; studying successful real estate agents who still have time for their families, as opposed to those who are also successful but have no time for their loved ones, and of course, he opted to experience the former. 

In order to achieve this goal, he hired a great coach and surrounded himself with like-minded individuals who treat their business like a business and not a mere hobby. And by keeping the right sphere of influence, he became more confident that his career will thrive as he moves forward.

Challenges in the Charlotte, NC Real Estate Market

Charlotte is a growing city full of commercial opportunities. But amidst the skyrocketing economy, its cost of commodities, labor prices and interest rates also soar higher. And this creates one of the biggest challenges Joel has as a realtor—telling people that they can't afford a home. This may sound harsh at first but it's often the truth. A family could be saving up for a house for 2 years but by the time they’ve reached their target amount, the value of that same property has already increased due to inflation. It’s always important for buyers and sellers to consider the inevitable rising of interest rates in the real estate market.

Another challenge that Joel found in the Charlotte real estate market is he now has to identify more prospects than he did a few months ago. In spite of this, he aims to solve this problem by focusing on the most productive activity for his business, This strategy enables him to put all more of his efforts into focusing on his sphere, as that is where a majority of his business comes from. 

Conclusion: Advice for New Agents

Real estate is a career that most people think offers quick profit and freedom, but the reality of the job is often far from the perception. However, the rewards of this career are tangible in all aspects of life as long as you put in the right effort and wise decisions. By educating yourself and finding out which obstacles are challenging you, you can make your job easier. Be sure to take advantage of all the possibilities that come with being a real estate agent and establish certain smart habits to reap success in the long run.

The industry is changing very quickly but there are always bigger opportunities for those who know how to navigate the changes.

Learn More about Charlotte, NC

If you want to learn more about the Charlotte, NC real estate market, you may reach out to Joel Hargett through his contact details below:

Phone: 704-996-6496
Email: [email protected]
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/familyman09/

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